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Restoring Full Body Motion Through Balance in the Equnie mouth ‚Äč

Most equine dentistry involves prevention. If your horse's teeth are regularly cared for, the maintenance process will not be overwhelming and you should be able to avoid most dental or health complications. Each horse is an individual, and Natural Balance equine dentistry considers the whole horse and all of its environmental factors in developing a maintenance plan.

Symptoms of Dental Problems

  • Abnormal change in behavior (dropping food, head tilting, excessive salivation)
  • Refusing certain types of food
  • Refusing food completely
  • Eating slowly
  • A bad odor from the mouth
  • Quidding (rolling hay into balls then dropping them)
  • Head shaking
  • Loss of weight / condition
  • Signs of colic
  • Packing food into the cheeks
  • Food / hay being passed through in droppings
  • inability or refusal to maintain headset
  • difficulty if taking one lead or another
  • imbalances in hoof that proper
  • trimming cannot correct
  • poor top-line
  • sunken hips
  • difficulty in collection
  • dragging rear toes
  • upside down or U neck
  • cracks in hooves that cannot be corrected by balanced trims
  • short striding
  • Tilting the head while being ridden
  • Unable to ride in an outline / on the bit / slow to make transitions
  • Pushes head deeply into feed as if trying to fill its mouth while eating
  • Poor attitude, bad behavior
  • Chewing or grinding on the bit

The first picture is a normal horse skull without any pathology.