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P.O.Box 83 Leeds MA 01053 US

Restoring Full Body Motion Through Balance in the Equnie mouth ‚Äč

This is my horse Flash and myself sitting in the sun one afternoon at Berkshire Equestrain Center.

Hello I am Wendy Bryant a certified Natural Balanced Equine Dentist through Advanced Whole Horse Learning Center with Spencer LaFlure and Oral Dynamics with Phil Ratliff and Mike Fragale. 

I am not a veterinarian. I only work on horse teeth by floating them which is an inadvasive procedure. This process is taking a hand insterment that has carbide blades to address the enamel folds which are interfering with lateral and anterior and posterior translation of the mandibular/maxilla and bringing the two back to centric relation with surface to surface occlusion. 

I have been a horse lover my entire life, owning my first horse as a teenager. I went to College for Equine Business. I was in Pony Club for all of my Teenage years until I reached my age limit which then I came out of Pony Club being a C3 rated pony club student. From then on I have enjoyed time eventing, horse showing, trail riding, ect. I have wonderful horsemanship skill. I have trained horses in the pasted as well. I live in Northampton, MA and own a beautiful house with 60 acres of land and this is where I have my two horses and I am a care taker of 2 other horses as well. I have a nice barn with six stalls and wonderful 24/7 turnout for the herd. I have a wonderful husband and a teenage boy with 3 dogs as well. 

These are my three dogs:

Sully, Cosmo, & J.D.

How my journey began with Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry in May of 2008 was do to my horse having a fractured tooth in 2007 and had to have surgery to have the tooth removed.The Oral Surgeon said to me you need to find a good dentist to care for your horses dental needs every 3 to 6 month due to the opposing tooth erupting down into the hole of the opposing tooth which was removed and then the horse will not have very good motion in his mouth. So that is when my journey began with Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry - Spencer LaFlure, Mike Fragale and Phil Ratliff. 

I began training at Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry in Spring of 2008. Since that time, I am constantly amazed by what Natural Balance Dentistry can do for our horses. An owner of 2 horses of my own and caretaker of 2 more on my farm, I see the difference balance makes to a horse's entire life. In my practice of Natural Balance Dentistry ,

I see changes everyday that astound me. Natural Balance Dentistry will not cure every problem with your horse but it should be the first place to start before any other. Where the head goes the body follows.

I regularly travel in all of the Northeast, Western Mass, Eastern Mass, Conn., New York and surrounding states. I am always happy to answer your questions.

Wendy Bryant


[email protected]